Free version of the QuarterOne app launched this month

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Forecasting methods, Press, Sales Forecast, Sales Management

QuarterOne announced recently the launch of a free version of their sales forecasting app.

About the QuarterOne sales forecasting solution

QuarterOne creates a real-time sales forecast by taking information from CRM systems and allowing deal values to be spread over multiple months. By connecting an existing CRM system, businesses can get an accurate sales forecast in minutes.

Founded in 2018 by two CFO’s, Richard Mann and Michael Foulkes, who were committed to helping small to medium businesses achieve better sales forecasting through a quick and painless process.

They recognised that all the valuable sales data was sat inside the CRM system but getting it out and transforming it into a forecast involved hours of analysing spreadsheets. QuarterOne was built to automate the whole process, allowing businesses to produce an accurate forecast, instantly and easily.

The launch of QuarterOne Free

On releasing a free version of the app, Michael Foulkes said, ‘We wanted to make it even easier for businesses to get to grips with their sales forecasting. We believe that good forecasting is the key to making better business decisions, which is why we’ve created a free version that’s accessible to everyone.

The free version offers full dashboard, sales reports and metrics – it’s available now by signing up via the website.